Protein purifications........... that's our expertise

in successfully purifying proteins for Scientists on a contract basis and helping them speed up their projects. With 20 years in this business, protein after protein has been purified successfully and with this expertise in the use of different protein purification techniques, it is no wonder that we can purify any protein cost-effectively and quickly.

Its your turn now.

We will purify your protein and help you get your experiments started, so that you can get great results and great success. CALL NOW!

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We focus on Protein Purification

Using FAST chromatographic techniques

Our GOAL is to get a single band on an SDSPAGE gel
Or a single peak on a UV profile
So that YOU are successful in getting Great Results!

Get YOUR PROTEIN purified quickly and cost-effectively.

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  1. CALL 858 405 4692 and tell us how much protein do you need, amount of protein expected in the starting material, when do you need it, any activity or stability issues, etc.

  2. Our estimates have made our clients happy - And you will be happy too!

Some Protein Purification Projects

Omega IIIA from spider venom
RNAse V1 from snake venom


Peanut allergens: Ara h1, Ara h2, Ara h3 and Ara h6

Pollen allergens: Amb a 1 and Que a 1
Soybean Allergens: beta-Conglycinin and Glycinin

Light Harvesting complexes (LH) and Photosystems (PS)

A highly purified protein - used as a biosensor

Research projects: Rapamycin elution studies from stents and other materials in a protein-rich medium.

Feasibility studies prior to purifying a biomarker of interest

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Why ProteinLabs?

To speed up your experiments and get great results! You have already taken a great step visiting our site. Call now (858) 405 4692 - and get your protein purification project started.

Our Clients

ProteinLabs has an impressive track record of successes with companies and institutions of all sizes (see of Clients.txt) from Big Pharma to Small Biotech and Universities to US FDA and other Government Labs - in the US and all over the world. You can be confident that your purified protein will be delivered to you quickly and will work great in your experiments. - AT LOW COST AND HIGH PURITY

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